Opening ceremony of the Mevis Production Plant

The opening ceremony of the Mevis production plant situated on the outskirts of Šamorín, in the direction to Senec, took place on 1st June at the presence of the Italian Ambassador, the Mayor Gabriel Bárdos and the company founders.
Dozens of guests attended the event. The programme included professional lectures about the potential of car industry development in Slovakia and a tour of the company’s production premises.
Mevis came to Šamorín by the beginning of 2007 and it has developed significantly since then. At first, it had 53 employees but currently 130 employees work in new premises awarded the architectonic design prize in the professional competition Construction of the Year 2015.
The construction started in autumn 2014 and in May 2015 the plant was completed. The investment exceeded EUR 15 M and the general contractor was the company Invest.
“I would like to thank the Šamorín architects Ľubomír Bobek and Tomáš Jávorka. The success of the project also is due to the good cooperation with the local Building Authority and the Mayor Gabriel Bárdos,” said Juraj Kacmarik from Mevis. He also thanked the project team of the company.
The turnover of the Slovak Mevis last year achieved EUR 17 M Up to 74 % of its production is linked to the car industry; the rest is represented by the components to household appliances, etc.
In our region, Mevis has still a great growth potential and offers highly qualified jobs in the car industry. However, in this area the plant faces a lack of qualified workforce.
“Technical education in Slovakia has been neglected and so we have many professionals coming from other regions of Slovakia. Mevis offers them accommodation and we hope they will contribute to the development of Šamorín,” Juraj Kacmarik continues.
However, the celebrations in Mevis did not end on Wednesday, 1st June. On Saturday, 4th June, the company arranged Open Day for its staff and their families. For children, they prepared a programme for the whole day and in the afternoon they were joined by more than a hundred colleagues from Italy.