The new MEVIS plant in Samorin, Slovakia

I´m delighted that after the construction is finished an article from a Slovak architecture magazin can be published here about the new MEVIS plant in Samorin, Slovakia.
I have to admit, this cooperation which tooks almost two years, belongs to one of the best and most delightful  in my practice. It started with the journies to the foot of  the Alps, to Rosá and Bassano di Grappa, getting to know a little the beauty of Your region, the nice environment of You areal, the Italian way of negotiations, preparation and analysis of investments. It was followed with many hours and days of – sometimes a week long – meetings in our office, where things were discussed to the smallest detail. And it all continued in good mood despite the hard conditions and usual problems on the construction site.
What I appreciate most from the side of MEVIS, is the steady exceptation for quality architecture (and in all aspects generally), the confidence towards us in that we can achieve this, the adherence to the chosen concept and its main elements throughout the whole design and realisation process. Nothing important was cancelled, omitted because of an exaggerated effort for saving. Functionality in industry comes always  first – but I´m happy that elements as the demanding entry and relaxation zone, the lake and the park, the atrium, the exceptional quality of floors, ceilings, concrete walls, the vertical shading lamels were kept and brought into reality. The level of technical equipment of the building is very high. LED lighting everywhere, heat pumps with wells for heating, usage of the ground water for cooling, audiabatic ventilation and cooling, automatic irrigation all show the very best quality.
I must thank dearly all of the participants in this process from the side of MEVIS, realisation companies and others. But I want to express here my big gratitude personally to Andrea Visentin and Vladimir Ozvolda – who were representing MEVIS for us in the most determinated way. Their positive and friendly attitude, patience, understanding and belief were the best and most solid base for this common effort.
The result of this joint effort are clearly visible on the accompanying pictures to  the article.
Finally, I wish Mevis all the best, good health to its employees and success to all the three Mevis plants in this globalising world.
architect Tomas Jávorka

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